Mariana Souza

Mariana Souza

The beautiful brasilian Musical Performer Mariana Souza started her musical education at the Conservatorio Brasileiro de Musica and the University of Music in Rio de Janiero.

She trained her dance skills at the University of Physical Education and the Academy Ballet Simone Falcao also in Rio de Janiero.

Mariana left Brasil to improve her artistic qualities at the Broadway Dance Center,Steps on Broadway and Center of Arts in New Yoek City,USA.

Her main teachers in Jazz Dance and Contemporary were Savage,Christopher Hemmans, Carolina Wiehoff,Marli Tavares ,Liz Imperio,Deborah Colker,Harton Tenorio,Alex Neorl,Henrique Talmah and Kristopfer Storey.

The brasilian Musical Performer is also known for her excellent Tap Dance Skills.

She studied Tap Dance with Brenda Bufalino,Derick Grant,Jason Samules Smith,Chloe Arnold und Nicholas Young,.

After working for the brasilianTV ,successfully she decided to move to Germany to join the cast of the legandary Musical `Lion King`,where she got the position of the swing dancer and the cover for the role Sarabi.

2013 the komische Oper Berlin offered her the role of Rosalia in the famous Musical `West Side Story`and kept her for the operette`Clivia`.

After her success in Germany she joint the cast of the Stage Entertainment production `Mary Poppins`in Vienna.

She was part of the ensemble and the Cover of Mrs Corry.

2016 the komische Oper Berlin brought Mariana back to Berlin for the reopening of ´Kiss me Kate`.

You can admire her performing talents in future productions of the komische Oper in Berlin.


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