Sabine Anastasia Hack

Choreografin, Dozentin,Tänzerin,Trommlerin

Sabine Anastasia Hack

Already as a little girl Sabine had an uncontrollable urge to move, so her Mother took her to gymnastics… It became her first love… But it took a few more years and many competitions, until she finally found herself in her first dance class and knew, that she was home…

Sabine’s dance training took her from Stuttgart to New York, where she was admitted into the scholarship programs at „Steps On Broadway“ and at „Broadway Dance Center and also trained at „Alvin Ailey“.

Back from New York her first job as a dancer was for the musical „West Side Story“. The following years she spent without a permanent residence travelling… Twice around the world as a dancer for „Culture Beat“ and „La Bouche“ and as a teacher to Calgary (Sean Cheesman Dance Camp), Saskatoon (Saskatoon School Of Dance), Nice (Off Jazz Dance Center), Geneva (Brigitte Matuzzi Dance School), Thessaloniki (Opera Of Thessaloniki)…

In 2005 Sabine moved to Berlin, where she was working as a Jazz teacher and choreographer at the „Friedrichstadt-Palast“. She also choreographed David Garrett’s „Rock Anthems Tour“ and is working a lot as a coach and choreographer with actors (Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Theater Lübeck, Bernard Hiller Masterclass Berlin).

In 2012 the Greek-German combined her two biggest passions, „dance“ and „being a woman“ and created her own, very personal and sensual dance style „Burlazz“, which she has been teaching ever since with all her devotion.